Jilted lover fatally shoots girlfriend’s one brother, injures another in order to scuttle her wedding

In a gruesome incident, a jilted lover, armed with a country pistol and a sword, attacked his erstwhile girlfriend’s family in Mainpuri district on Monday morning, killing her one brother and grievously injuring another, in a bid to stop her marriage scheduled later in the day. In retaliation, residents of the area mercilessly beat up the assailant and he too was admitted to hospital in a serious incident.

According to police the assailant, Devendra Sakh, a resident of Village Naglamallu, Mainpuri, reached Amabarpur village at about 10.30 am , where the girl’s family was busy making preparations for her wedding. He reportedly shot dead the girl’s younger brother, Vinay, with .315 bore country made pistol and then attacked the other brother, Vipin, with a sword.

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Hearing the commotion residents of the area gathered there and caught hold off Devendra, while he was trying to flee the spot. The agitated residents started beating him up and in the melee that ensued, someone from the crowd picked up Devendra’s sword and attacked him with it.



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