Donald Trump’s White House Puts Iran ‘On Notice’

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump’s White House flagged a harder position towards Iran on Wednesday, denouncing a current rocket test and announcing America was putting the Islamic republic “on notice.”

In his first open comments since taking office, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn blamed Barack Obama’s organization for having “neglected to react sufficiently to Tehran’s defame activities.”

Flynn refered to a current rocket test and the activities of Iranian-sponsored revolts in Yemen as cases of Tehran’s censure conduct.

“Iran is presently feeling encouraged,” Flynn stated, in trenchant pre-composed comments, “starting today, we are authoritatively putting Iran on notice,” he said without explaining.

Both Trump and Flynn have been cruel pundits of Tehran and vocal rivals of a global arrangement that saw Iran check its atomic program as a byproduct of approvals help.

Chris Sherwood, a Pentagon representative, said there had been “no adjustment in the US military stance” around Iran as of now.

“We stand prepared to safeguard America’s advantage and accomplices around the globe,” he said.

Flynn demanded that Sunday’s rocket test was “in disobedience of UN Security Council Resolution 2231,” which approaches Iran not to test rockets fit for conveying atomic weapon.

Iran’s ballistic rocket program has been a bone of dispute with the West since the atomic arrangement produced results in January a year ago.

In any case, a past, while disputable, test was not observed to be in rupture of the UN rules.

Source:- NDTV


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