Why such a great amount of commotion over video indicating Kashmiri being attached to Army jeep? asks Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi

New Delhi: Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi on Monday came in support of the Army in the midst of the continuous commotion over the video in which an adolescent is attached to the front of an Army jeep, as a shield to avoid stone-pelters.

In the video, an Army work force can be heard cautioning spectators, “The individuals who pelt stones will meet a similar destiny.”

The video had evoked far reaching judgment.

Be that as it may, the administration’s boss legitimate consultant has inquired as to why there is “such a great amount of clamor” over the video.

Conversing with NDTV, Rohatgi stated: “The current report about a stone pelter attached to an Army vehicle, it contained stone-pelters and spared the survey authorities. Why so much commotion.”

“Ordinary individuals are kicking the bucket. It’s a surcharged air. The Army is managing fear based oppressors, not with protestors, so they should be managed with…everyone ought to take a gander at the Army with pride, they are making an incredible showing with regards to.”

The Attorney General hailed the Army for making an extraordinary showing with regards to under threatening conditions. “Sitting in AC rooms you can’t scrutinize Army. If you don’t mind place yourself in Army position,” he included.

CNN-News18 cited Rohatgi as saying: “It was one of those off the cuff decisions…. In the event that an Army major escaped without harming anyone, it’s an extraordinary job…. There was nothing incorrectly, considering the conditions. On the off chance that it must be done once more, it ought to be done once more. We are 100 percent backing the Army and the major.”

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