Najeeb Ahmad case: Delhi HC exchanges missing JNU understudy case to CBI with quick impact


The Delhi High Court has exchanged the instance of Jawaharlal Nehru University’s (JNU) missing understudy Najeeb Ahmad to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) with quick impact, as indicated by PTI.

Not long after Najeeb disappeared, a few challenges were held in Delhi University and JNU grounds. In one such challenge in November, 2016, the Delhi Police was be seen compelling understudies into a transport and in the process abusing even ladies nonconformists, as indicated by this Firstpost report. As the police attempted to confine the understudies and compel them into a transport, the understudies opposed the police activity, which prompted the fight, Times Now announced. Najeeb’s mom, who was available at the dissent alongside 30-40 JNU understudies, was additionally confined and mauled all the while. The understudies and Najeeb’s mom could be seen being dragged and pushed by the police authorities, trying to discharge the roads.

Najeeb’s sister said that the police abused her and Najeeb’s mom and dragged them into the police vehicle. “They manhandled us, hassled us, is this the best approach to treat ladies,” she told the CNN News18. She additionally said that the police activity began even before the nonconformists could gather. Another Firstpost report indicated the Delhi Police’s idiocy at discovering Najeeb and stated: “Its powerlessness to discover a 27-year-old understudy can be because of two reasons: Because of finish clumsiness of police that can’t follow an understudy and a likelihood of some deplorable episode that had struck Najeeb. While the previous must involve humiliation for police, the likelihood of the last working out can genuinely change the story of the understudy governmental issues in India’s one of the best colleges.”
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